White-Capped Pionus







Genus: Pionus          Species: senilis             24cm (9.3 in) – 193-229g (6.7-8 oz)

Pet Suitability:
Moderately noisy, active and lively.  Shy at first, then bonds readily with keeper.  May learn to mimic.  May not be compatible with other birds.

Captive Status:
Common in US; less so elsewhere.


Aviary or suspended enclosure, minimum length 2m (6.5 ft).

Fruit such as: apple, pear, orange, banana, pomegranate, cactus fruits, forming about 30 percent of the diet; vegetables such as: carrot, celery, green beans, peas in the pod; fresh corn; green leaves such as: Swiss chard, lettuce, sowthistle, dandelion, chickweed; spray millet; small seed mix such as: canary, millet and smaller amounts of oats, buckwheat, safflower and a little hemp; soaked and sprouted sunflower seeds; cooked beans and pulses and boiled maize; limited cubed hard cheese; complete pellet.

Provide bathing misters or bowls; toys such as bird-safe wooden toys, ladders, swings, ropes, play gyms, foraging/puzzle toys, vegetable tanned leather chewable toys; fir, pine, elder and willow branches and different sized perches.