Sometimes the club is asked to assist in re-homing a beloved feather pet, please be advised that no monetary compensation will be provided for the surrender of a bird or birds to the Calgary Parrot Club. In surrendering your bird(s) to the Calgary Club, a suitable home is found through a thorough adoption process which includes a comprehensive adoption application form and a home visit thus ensuring a quality home for your bird(s). For the effort involved in this process, the Calgary Parrot Club requests an appropriate adoption fee from the successful adoption candidate which is donated to the Calgary Parrot Club and used in supporting parrot rescues, sanctuaries and emergency situations as need arises. To see how these funds are used, please visit this link to discover how we help in the parrot community.

If you are interested in obtaining a parrot and  would like to be considered when one is available please:

  1. Click on the button –>
    Calgary Parrot Club Avian Adoption Form
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Save the form
  4. Attach the completed form to an email
  5. Send email to:  [email protected]


Other resources for adoptions: