January 2024

Donation of 4 New Cages to Meika’s Safehouse

Donation of King’s Cage to Greta’s Roost Parrot Rescue Society

September 2023

Donation of 3 Cases of Food to Greta’s Roost Parrot Rescue Society

August 2023

Donations to Meika’s Safehouse


Donation of 8 Starter Kits to Greta’s Roost Parrot Rescue Society

February 2023

140 lbs of ZuPreem FruitBlend and 60 lbs Natural Bird Food
to the parrots at Parrot Island Sanctuary

December 2022

Donation of Shop Vac to Meika’s Safehouse

With Lethbridge Parrot Club, Donation of Toys to Meika’s Safehouse

October 2022
Donation of Food and Supplements to Meika’s Safehouse

September 2022
Donation to The Nest for Cages

Donation of Parrot Food and Supplements to Meika’s Safehouse

June 2022
Donation of Food to Parrot Island

May 2022
In partnership with Lethbridge Parrot Club, purchase of new IQ Air Purifier for Meika’s Safehouse

Donation of 20lbs of Harrison’s Bird Food to Birdline Parrot Rescue and donation of toys for Birdline Auction

April 2022
Donation of $750.00 to Lethbridge Parrot Club to help with vet expenses

February 2022
Donation to The Nest

January 2022
Donation to Parrot Island

Donation of Toys and Rope Perches to Birdline Parrot Rescue

December 2021
Donation of Cages/Food/Enrichment Items to Meika’s Safehouse

Cage and Toy Donation to Birdline Parrot Rescue

October 2021
Partnered with the Lethbridge Parrot Club – Donation of Cages/Toys/Perches to Meika’s Safehouse

June 2021
Donation of Smaller Bird Cages to Calgary Humane Society

March 2021
Partnered with Lethbridge Parrot Club – Donation of $2000.00 to Night Owl Bird Hospital

May 2021
Donation of 40lbs of Hagen Tropimix Formula for Large Parrots to Parrot Island

April 2021
Donation of 3 Large Cages to Meika’s Safehouse

December 2020
Donation of $500.00 to Night Owl Bird Hospital Vet Account

Donation of 21 Boxes of Toys to Parrot Island

October 2020
Donation of Nutriberries and Tropican Food to Parrot Island

The Calgary Parrot Club was able to send the requested Nutriberries and Tropican food to Parrot Island – they were very appreciative. Thank you to Nancy and Gary Anhorn for the delivery while on your trek to BC.

June 2020
Donation of Toys/Food/Supplies to Parrot Island

Donation of Toys to Saskatoon Parrot Rescue

February 2020
Donation of Millet and Cuttle Bone to Meika’s Safehouse
Donation of $250 Parrot Trends Ltd Gift Certificate

In addition to the millet and cuttle bone, the Calgary Parrot Club also purchased $250.00 in
Parrot Trends gift certificates so other needed items could be purchased!

January 2020
$500.00 Donation to Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic in Support of Australian Wildlife affected by Wildfires

November 2019
Donation of Toys to the Crazy Bird Ladies Christmas Auction

Donation of Toys to Keeper of the Stars Rescue/Sanctuary

July 2019
Donation of Nutriberries to Parrot Island Sanctuary

June 2019
Monetary donation for Cricket’s new Cage

May 2019
Donation of $1000.00 to Night Owl Bird Hospital/Lucky Lou & Coco Too

Partnering up with Things for Wings, the Calgary Parrot Club donated $1000.00
worth of toys to provide stimulation for the Macaws and Amazons!

April 2019
Birdline Parrot Rescue – Birdline Canada Ltd.

Partnering up with Parrot Trends Ltd., the Calgary Parrot Club donated $300.00 worth of toys for the birds at Birdline!

March 2019
Parrot Island Sanctuary

The Lucky Lou 9

December 2018
Lenny’s Lair Cockatiel Sanctuary

The remaining items from Lenny’s wish list have now been sent!
Toys  **  Light Bulbs  **  Perches

October 2018
Night Owl Bird Hospital

We are thrilled to be able to share the photos and thank you note from the Night Owl Bird Hospital in regards to the toys that the club sent last month:

“Hi everyone, we wanted to say a heartfelt thank you for your shipment of toys for the Night Owl Bird Hospital resident birds. These birds have had so much fun with all of these beautiful toys. The fact that you thought of us means so much. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

Lenny’s Lair Cockatiel Sanctuary

July 2018
Parrot Island Sanctuary

Parrot Island Sanctuary received their 2nd donation this year from the Calgary Parrot Club. This donation consisted of 30 New Rope Perches, 15 Natural Perches, 50 lbs of Nutriberries in various Flavours, and Zupreem Pellets. A big thank you to ParrotTrends Ltd., Bark & Feathers and Regina’s Fine Meats for partnering up with the Club to make all our donations of food, toys and wish list items happen!
A big thank you to Gary and Nancy Anhorn for delivering the food and perches portion of the Calgary Parrot Club’s donation.  Ray and Valerie Parkes  thank you for the donation.  Nancy was worried about the sanctuary as the fires were pretty much surrounding it.  So they for a drive – they were surrounded but the fires were under control.

April 2018
Parrot Island Sanctuary

March 2018
Thank you Sandi Cameron!

Thank you very much to Sandi Cameron for donating a Macaw toy to the club for raffle at our next meeting!

February 2018
Jonathan Martin – Lenny’s Lair Cockatiel Sanctuary

January 2018
Thank you Sandy Erwin!

The members of the Calgary Parrot Club and the Board of Directors would like to give a very special THANKS to Sandy Erwin and Parrot Trends Ltd.

Thank you for your support and generosity!

December 2017
Lenny’s Lair Cockatiel Sanctuary

August 2017
Keeper of the Stars Parrot Rescue


Keeper of the Stars Parrot Rescue is a non-profit organization located in Regina, Saskatchewan, that is dedicated to the well-being of all parrots.  They reached out on their Facebook page with an urgent request for help in providing food supplies .

The Calgary Parrot Club, partnered up with Parrot Trends, Ltd., was able to send a food donation to Keeper of the Stars Parrot rescue.  Special Thank You to Parrot Trends for arranging transport of the much needed items!

We were able to send 220 pounds of a variety of Zupreem pellets to help feed their flock.









June 2017
Parrot Island Sanctuary

April 2010