Safest paint to use on a bird cage?

Repainting is never the ideal situation, but in some cases, either to salvage a well designed cage or because a new cage is cost prohibitive, owners may elect to repaint a cage.

If the cage is large, it is recommended that it be taken to a professional for cleaning and powder coating. For a smaller cage, the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach should follow these guidelines.

Preparation is as important as painting and unless all the old loose finishing is removed, the new paint will peel. All metal should be sanded down and primed. Any paint should be lead free, zinc free, contain zero VOC’s (volatile organic compounds), be fast drying, durable, and suitable for metal surfaces.

Once the cage is painted, it should sit empty for at least a couple of weeks in order for the paint to properly dry and develop a hard finish. This is particularly important if a second coat is going to be applied.

The cage should be monitored carefully for any peeling or chipping. It is not recommended that a newly painted cage be covered with a bird in it as residual fumes can be trapped under the cover.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Kerry Korber