Ask the Avian Vet


♦  Advice for First Time Parrot Owners                    ♦  Dietary Supplements
♦  Beak and Feather Syndrome                               ♦  Covering Birds at Night
♦  Plastic Products                                                   ♦  Pet Interaction and Saliva
♦  Best Temperature for Parrots                               ♦  Clipping Wings and Nails
♦  Regular Baths                                                      ♦  Best Pet Species
♦  Carbonated Drinks                                               ♦  Masturbation in Birds
♦  Regurgitation and Vomiting                                  ♦  Safest Paint for Bird Cages
♦  Cleaning Cages                                                    ♦  Most Common Reasons for Death
♦  Rehome, Sanctuary or Euthanasia                       ♦  Spring & Summer Tips
♦  Wing Clipping                                                       ♦  Repeated Yawning
♦  Sleep and Parrots                                                ♦  Overgrown Beaks
♦  Clay or no Clay…

Dr. Kerry Korber
grew up in Saskatoon and graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in 1985, after obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in English and completing two years of an Agriculture Degree in Animal Science.  She has dedicated her professional career to the care of exotic pet species.  Her background includes contract work for the Calgary Zoo, Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, and Raven Brood Trout Station.  She has shared her passion and her knowledge of exotic pet species with her peers, veterinary students, Olds College Veterinary technical students, pet stores and the public through various continuing education classes, externship programs, class room lectures, her involvement in PIJAC pet symposiums and pet clubs.