Cleaning Cages?

What are the proper products to clean parrot cages with?

The first product to use cleaning a cage is good old – fashioned elbow grease. Remove food debris, droppings and cage substrate. Dismantle as much of the cage as possible to clean items individually. Always start with soap and hot water. Use a scrub brush to get into corners and to scrub all surfaces of the perches. If there is a grate on the cage bottom, remove it and remember to scrub both sides and all corners of it. Thoroughly clean all the food dishes and toys.

Once the cage is clean, it can be disinfected. A disinfectant only works when it has contact with a clean surface, and then, for a period of several minutes. Commonly used disinfectants can be anything from a diluted bleach solution to more bird friendly disinfectants such as Oxyfresh®. Your avian veterinarian may suggest specific disinfectants if there is concern over a specific disease. After disinfecting, rinse and rinse again before allowing the bird access to its cage.

Don’t forget to clean play gyms and other areas the bird spends time on. Finally, remember to be aware of any fumes a cleaning or disinfecting solution may emit and never mix cleaners or disinfectants as there is always the possibility of a noxious combination.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Kerry Korber
Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic