Best temperature for Parrots?

What temperature can parrots safely tolerate in the winter? We turn the heat down at night, what is the best temperature for our parrots?

Most healthy parrots can abide average house temperatures during the day and night .  However, there are circumstances where taking a few precautions is prudent.  Many of us turn down the thermostat at night (with pet birds in the house, stay above 18C – 19C) and because so many homes are now of an ‘open concept’ design with lots of windows, cages in a main living area may get too cold at night.

Having a bedtime cage (this is a good idea for lots of behaviour reasons as well!!) placed in a more confined room or space in the house during the night can offset the chill that can occur in a larger space.  Smaller bedrooms, lofts, bathrooms or even laundry rooms can retain the heat better than an open living space can.  Covering the cage with a heavier blanket (you can determine whether the bird does best with 1?4, 1?2 or full covering), will help keep the heat in the cage.  If the house is older, prone to drafts or just plain cold, providing extraneous heat via a heat lamp or a floor heater may be needed.

Don’t forget to watch your bird for cues – if it is fluffed and huddled in a corner, it is likely too cold!!

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Kerry Korber
Calgary Avian & Exotic Pet Clinic